Crab Shell Inspired Large Vase

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Crab Shell Inspired Large Vase

Crab Shell Inspired Large Vase


About Giorgi Ustiashvili

About Giorgi Ustiashvili

Tbilisi in Georgia is a fascinating capital city with cobbled streets and buildings with bright blue balconies and red pitched roofs that straddle the deep valley carved by the Mtkvari River. It is not surprising that such a dramatic city has a lively art and cultural scene. Sitting in his workshop surrounded by tall oval vases that are dramatically decorated and beg for your attention, sits Giorgi Ustiashvili. He is carefully putting the finishing touches on a pair of matching blue jugs that form a complete circle when they stand next to each other. Giorgi's work is modern and stylish, often with metallic glazes in blues and greens with eye-catching detail in three-dimensional abstract patterns, coloured in copper, bronze or pewter. The Large vases are particularly handsome and are the perfect ornament to highlight in an alcove or fireplace in the home or office. In complete contrast, Giorgi is also fascinated by the human body and creates some fascinating figurines of men and women wearing minimal clothing and elaborate headdresses which are metallic and tactile in contrast. On the wall, there is a set of four stunning rectangular plates each with a background in shades of soft brown with the design of an impressionist nude wearing a sun hat in shades of cream with highlights in the colour of red wine. Looking at the various pieces of his work that surround him, It is not surprising that many consider Giorgi one of the capitals most exciting artisans...
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Place of origin:

Eastern Europe


Metal, Ceramic


H 110 cm x W 60 cm x D 60 cm

H 43.3 in x W 23.6 in x D 23.6 in

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20000 grams

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20000 grams

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