Ge Kiln Spot Color Four-Line Vase

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Ge Kiln Spot Color Four-Line Vase.

Ge Kiln Spot Color Four-Line Vase.


About Shengkan Yang

About Shengkan Yang

Shengken Yang works on his latest piece of Celadon, oblivious to those who are admiring the filled display shelves of his workshop. His work is very distinctive as its lines are smooth and elegant and many pieces are in the characteristic jade colour of celadon, whilst others are in earthy natural tones with the mirror bright finish of the celadon glaze. His pottery combines the charm of the traditional styles of this art with the aesthetics of contemporary ideas – with plenty of Shengken's own character too. Shengkan Yang has been fascinated by pottery for many years. He graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, but In June 2011, he found himself drawn to learn more and he studied ceramic modelling and decoration at the Zhuyunshan Fang Celadon Studio. Celadon is a very distinctive type of pottery which is usually jade green in colour. Pottery can have a semi-transparent coloured celadon glaze that has a 'crackle' (tiny cracks) finish. Recently, the jade-coloured celadon has started to be referred to as 'Greenware'. Celadon originated in China and it became very popular because of its colour as jade was the most highly prized material. It is thought that it gained its name in France after the Celadon the shepherd in the pastoral romance 'L'Astrée(1627) who always wore jade green ribbons. Certainly, the work of Shengkan perfectly showcases this wonderful style and not surprisingly he has regularly won awards for his exceptional work in the Zhejiang Celadon Competition and others. In 2017, his work was displayed in the Traditional Crafts Exchange in Florence and his piece Dragon Ear Double Ring Bottle was displayed by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum.
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East Asia




H 17 cm x W 19 cm x D 19 cm

H 6.7 in x W 7.5 in x D 7.5 in

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2500 grams

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2500 grams

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