Tblisi - The city of my dreams

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Painting created on purple coloured paper to obtain a cheerful mood.

Painting created on purple coloured paper to obtain a cheerful mood.


About Ketiart

About Ketiart

With positive brush strokes in shades of blue, grey and red, Keti filled the canvas with colour as she captured her impressions of the emotions entwined in city life... Keti Shalamberidze is a Tblisi -based artist whose works can be seen in a number of galleries and private homes throughout Europe. Keti studied fine arts in the Academy of Art in Tbilisi and since then has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in many countries including the United States, Japan, Germany, UK and Russia. Her work is very distinctive and is, as she explains: 'As a result of the direct contact I have with reality, I can focus on impressions which I receive by environmental perception in everyday life'. Kati is inspired by colour, smells, light and sounds and she recreates her impressions on canvas, instinctively known the colours and shapes that will best convey her thoughts. Her current series of paintings are exploring the topic of 'city life'; with impressions of the streets, old and new buildings and the condition of both and the emotions they evoke. She explains this as being similar to photographic studies using different coloured lenses. She feels excited by her work as she firmly believes that life in each town or city is a totally unique historical, cultural and emotional experience.
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Eastern Europe


Organic Materials


H 40 cm x W 60 cm x D 10 cm

H 15.7 in x W 23.6 in x D 3.9 in

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