Vase with Calas design

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A vase with a wide opening and a design of Cala or Lili flowers.

A vase with a wide opening and a design of Cala or Lili flowers.


About Eduardo Vega

About Eduardo Vega

He stands in his gallery on the hillside in Turi, overlooking the city of Cuenca, his birthplace and home. He is surrounded by the colourful ceramics which he has been creating for more than 40 years. As he does, he confirms to himself once again his belief that the particular idiosyncrasies of his home are tied to the land. Eduardo Vega lives next door to the gallery so he often spends time talking with visitors in the gallery or in the studio with his son San Juan Guillermo Vega who works with him. The gallery walls are filled with Eduardo’s magnificent ceramic murals, whilst ornamental and practical pieces fill the shelves and display units filling the gallery with vibrant colours of rich terracotta, oranges, reds, golds and blues and greens of every shade. The most stunning and dramatic wall mural measures 30 metres in length! Eduardo left his beloved home for a few years to study classical art in Europe and his work today is a vibrant fusion of classical and contemporary styles. There is a dazzling array of bowls, vases and urns, wall plates of all sizes, tableware and beautiful decorative ornaments that would look magnificent in a private home. His work reflects the people, animals and landscapes of Ecuador. There are designs showing Ecuadorians in colourful traditional dress, exquisite hummingbirds and snow-capped landscapes of the Andes. Eduardo Vega’s work is acclaimed the world over and can be found in museums, hotels and other public places. .. and is available for you to buy and enjoy for years to come.
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Andean region




H 34 cm x W 30 cm x D 30 cm

H 13.4 in x W 11.8 in x D 11.8 in

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2500 grams

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2500 grams

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